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We offer a wide variety of  weekly yoga and relaxation classes from gentle to dynamic, beginners to experienced.

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Information on each class is detailed below and you can view the full timetable here

Gentle Yoga  -Tues 6.45pm & Wed 10am – Claire Dunniece

Calm gentle movements combined with breath focus. This is yoga for life.  Gentle yoga provides us with the time to slow down, focus on our body and breath with key movements that promote flexibility and mobility. I recommend this class as the starting point for all those looking to begin a movement practice. 
Ideal for all stages of life, those recovering from injury, returning to exercise or simply in need of stress relief. A great class for beginners!


Ready to Flow -Wed 6.45pm — Claire Dunniece 

This class is for those who either have some basic yoga experience or have attended my gentle classes. 
Starting to learn how to flow we will begin to challenge ourselves as we progress to the full sun salutations. Introducing poses such as downward facing dog and plank we will being to build strength and flexibility.  We will explore deeper variations of familiar poses and introduce some core strength.  All complete with breath focus and finishing with a restful and relaxing savasana. 


Yoga Flow – Tues 8.15pm – Claire Dunniece

Ashtanga vinyasa style flow to inspired music. A dynamic class open to those with previous yoga experience. 
In this class it is assumed that you have confident familiarity with the complete sun 
salutations and a range of foundational yoga postures.
We explore deep pose variations and learn to flow with your breath. Build strength, flexibility and enhance overall wellbeing. In each course we will work towards preparing the body and mind towards specific and often challenging yoga postures. Challenge yourself and have fun! 


Restorative Yoga – Mon 5.30pm & Wed 8.15pm – Claire Dunniece

The ultimate way to unwind and relax. Minimal movement involved in this class where we use the support of our props to find complete ease and comfort in our postures. We all need more rest in our lives, restorative yoga teaches us how to make space and time to value this deeply rejuvenating practice.
Ideal for everyone, particularly good for those suffering from stress, anxiety or recovering from illness.


Yoga for Men – Mon 8pm — Claire Dunniece

 A yoga class especially designed for men! Suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience. Over the 6 weeks we will be delving into various yoga poses and breath techniques. We will also try different styles of yoga, a great opportunity to try something new in a relaxed environment. Yoga is a wonderful complement to any sports, training or gym workout!

Yin Yoga – Fridays 6.30pm – Danni Walters

Yin Yoga is a gentle and deeply nourishing style of yoga that originates from the Chinese health and spiritual practices of Taoism. Yin yoga stimulates specific meridian lines within the body to cultivate healthy energetic flow and balance within the bodies organs and systems. Yin consists of gentle, supported and relaxed poses held for 3 – 5 minutes on average. The long held poses serve to safely stimulate the deep layers of connective tissue to restore and maintain healthy mobility and flexibility. Our connective tissue also holds trapped emotions, patterns, trauma and tension in the body which can be slowly released in a safe and nurturing way through this practice. The calm and peaceful approach of this practice celebrates stillness and offers the perfect complement to our busy and hectic lifestyles. Yin yoga is perfect for anyone at any level and offers an enjoyable and simple way to reduce stress and cultivate balance and well being for body, mind and soul. These classes are led by Danni Walters, click here for more info and booking.

Hatha Yoga – Saturdays 10am –Valerie Kelly

Hatha yoga focuses on alignment of breath with yoga asana (postures). It is is a slower and more relaxing pace of yoga which stretches, strengthens and tones the body while focusing on the breath to relax and calm the mind. 

The main focus of this class is improved flexibility, a reduction in stress levels and a calmer mind.

It is suitable for all levels including beginners as it is the foundation on which other styles of yoga are based. Each student is encouraged to listen to their bodies and to progress at a pace that suits them best. 

Relax & De-Stress Sundays – Claire Dunniece

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A blissful two hours of deep rest and relaxation in our beautiful candlelit studio. This class will boost your immune system, soothing your adrenals and helping your body and mind to be at ease. You will leave feeling rested and renewed.