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I am a Life Change Strategist; what does this mean? Well it means I have spent a long-time training and I am qualified in several fields. I am an Accredited Practitioner Coach, qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques, and I hold a certificate in Strategic Intervention. (Robbins-Madanes Training, USA)

What do I DO? My focus is on helping people to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. We all have time when we find it difficult to cope with the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Some of us can deal with these challenging times and some of us need a little help. Some turn to food to help them; this is the area I specialise in; OVEREATING.


I teach people who are struggling to take back control over food and their lives. I personally struggled with my weight for years and I have a very destructive relationship with food…so much so it effected my health. I have a great understanding of the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being unhappy with your shape and the frustrations that come with it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a little help to cope; modern society bring so many extra pressures with it and we are not born with all the coping strategies we need; we need to learn them along the way…or ask for help from someone who can teach us.

After working with me; people feel more in control, happier in themselves and in life, more confident, less anxious, less stressed, are no longer overwhelmed, and don’t need food to help them feel better or to cope with their lives.

I offer one-to-one sessions, face to face at Essential Wellness or you can also avail of telephone/SKYPE sessions, so distance does not need to be an obstacle.

If you are fed up with dieting and want an alternative that works, contact me and we can have a chat to establish if my approach would be a fit for you!

Just recently I have teamed up with Nutritional Therapist, Jen O’Callaghan and Fitness Coach Niall O’Callaghan, to create an approach called ReNew – new start. new life. new you. I have always known the most effective way to overcome the struggle with weight & food is to tackle it with strategies for eating well, moving well & thinking well. ALL these areas need to be changed so that your life can change.

Call me on 087 1770804 or  message me through Facebook.

Be Well, Be Happy,