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Phone: 087 9550274

I am an Intuitive Coach and Holistic Practitioner offering Reflexology, massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Indian Head Massage, pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Reflexology and homeopathic Consultations. 
Combinations available. 
60 minutes €60
90 minutes €90
What does that mean?
I support and facilitate a healing journey by understanding and removing obstacles, recognising goals and creating a framework in which to move forward.  Blending many different healing modalities we work together to help transform and awaken the truth, love, and excitement for life that you naturally hold within. 
In essence, we work together to make dreams come true, helping people to live in truth, to be excited to manifest their dreams, release and transform fears and obstacles, empower them with the tools needed to expand their awareness and consciousness to realise and most importantly enjoy their life in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.
Knowing that once you stabilise that feeling, the feeling of empowerment and truth within yourself, that you get to fully experience what it means to live a life of joy, happiness, contentment, peace, ease and stability.
We become whole, we become ourselves.
We realise that we already inhabit our dream life, but now we own it.  We live fully empowered and authentic lives.  My work is to ensure that you stabilise the life you want, and become one with yourself.
I am qualified in Reflexology, Massage (several disciplines including Holistic, Pregnancy, Thai and Lomi Lomi), Therapeutic use of New Vista Homeopathic Remedies, dry needling, myofascial release, Yoga, Yogic Philosophy and Meditation teaching.
I live closely connected to my spiritual journey.  Healing and spiritual practices are an essential part of my life.  My own life experiences on this journey serve to be my constant teachers , anchoring me to remain in truth , love and healing which is my life’s work.
My daily meditation and practice enables me to maintain a deep connection with my own intuition, to keep energy clear, expand consciousness and awareness, keeping me well, happy and grounded to serve you best. 
60 and 90 minute sessions available