Valerie Kelly


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Phone: 087 2999199

Valerie began her yoga journey in early 2011 to learn to deal with work stress working in a challenging management role in a large organisation. She tried different classes and different types of yoga and found them so beneficial that she went on a yoga, mindfulness and meditation retreat in Cyprus in 2012.  She continued to practice yoga  between 2012 and 2014 when she moved to London and practiced yoga and pilates with Katja Heger.  On her return to Cork in 2016, she decided to delve deeper in to yoga and to study it further by training to be a yoga instructor.  She trained with Yoga Diploma under the guidance of Enda Tweedy, Eva Green, Sarah Fox and Graham Daly and qualified in October 2017.  She teaches Hatha yoga in her own classes as well as teaching corporate and private classes.